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Abbie Rachel | Mother | Law Student | UK | 22

Single mother to Joshua David, born 28th January 2014.
My life, world and everything in between.
I'm taking parenting one day at a time and loving every minute of it.

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If you want to know anything else, just pop a message in my ask box.


Wish guys who don’t want kids would stop asking me out. I have a child, I want more, so I’m not prepared to start dating someone when I know it’s never gonna go anywhere. In fact why are they so stupid to ask out someone they know has a baby if they’re set against children??

Goodbye goff girl.
Summer means big hats.


Bitch I am fabulous.

Are you wearing clothes

No it’s totally an option to have your character naked.
Bitch I am fabulous.

Felt like I needed a change so I update my user name on ig to holofernes_x because I’m super cool.


J told me I ‘need to reign it when picking places for dates because they’re too expensive’ excuse me but how is £12 each too expensive for food & drinks?? And yeah nicholsons may have cost £13 for 2 drinks but I paid that, and it wasn’t me that had an £8 drink.
Excuse me for liking half decent places and not wanting to eat microwaved food when I’m going out.
And telling me he can’t afford to go for dinner but can afford to go out drinking after moaning to me about money. (I don’t have a problem with him going out in fact I’m glad he has a deprecate social life, but don’t tell me that the odd time when I go out I have to compromise and go to shit places.
Think that’s the end of that dating experience.





If anyone wants to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with me, leave your Game Center name/id thingy and I’ll send you a bunch of stuff cause I have tons of money and stars\(^o^)/

My gamecenter I’d is abbiixrachel I want friends on kim k people

I made it to the a list on kim k and the other a listers won’t talk to me? What is this bullshit. How many fans do I need before they speak to me?



Alex Minsky


Wit wooooooo