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Abbie Rachel | Mother | Law Student | UK | 22

Single mother to Joshua David, born 28th January 2014.
My life, world and everything in between.
I'm taking parenting one day at a time and loving every minute of it.

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If you want to know anything else, just pop a message in my ask box.


Think this is my outfit sorted for works Christmas party.
Gonna be spending a lot of time here over the next 3 years.
On my way to work. Forgot my nakd bars so I’m gonna be ridiculously hungry when I finish my shift :(

I have so many books to buy. Why am I doing a joint honours degree!

This isn’t even on my reading list. I’m reading it just because.

First day in my new role. Time to be a boss lady.

Bloody hell. Just seen some lass moaning that the pre arrival tasks for uni is taking her ages and saying she has to dumb down the ‘wordy bits’. Why the hell are you doing an expensive course if you’re not capable of doing it?!

Haven’t even finished adding things to my basket… Cya later money. It was nice knowing you :(
2 books down. Another 10 to buy
Death by deathray.

Finished work at 10 past 5 today. Don’t go back till Monday at 12.30. Woo oh weekend times!! :)

Fucking people. That’s two men that’s made me want to punch them this evening. I need to go to sleep.

Second day back and I’ve been invited to parties.

First day back at work and a I got a Payrise and a promotion :)